Monday, February 9, 2009

The aborigine's sub-ethnic groups

The aborigine's of North Borneo, the Kadazandusun is made up of forty plus sub-ethnic groups and is divided into three categories, the coastal area dwellers, (Bajaus) the lush valley settlers (Kadazandusuns) and the mountainous region people (Muruts)

Although historically they're both descendant of the Austronesian ethnics family which travels to many continents during the Arguably Ice Age of 4'000 B.C.

The Kadazandusuns and the Muruts (valleys settlers and hills people) is from East Formosan Classifications which related to Cham (of Vietnam), Formosan (of Taiwan) Ryukyuan (of Japan) and other Sino-Tibetans Classifications.

While the coastal dwellers are mostly of Malayo-Polynesian classification and is inter-related with Sunda Sulawesi settler, the Buginese, Acehnese, Malay (Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam), Indonesian, Sundanese and also Chamorro of Guam

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